At home in the Southeast with production and sales partners around the world, Grain & Barrel Spirits is quickly becoming one of the most innovative emerging spirits company in the industry. No "me too" brands here. We believe memorable moments deserve memorable spirits and each of our brands adds uniqueness and quality to your bar, your drink or your store. 

Dixie Vodka

Based in Charleston, South Carolina, Dixie is an all-American craft vodka only available in the Southeast. The winner of multiple consumer and trade judged awards, Dixie is fast establishing itself as The South's Best Tasting Vodka.

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Chicken Cock Whiskey

Originally established in 1856 in Paris, Kentucky, the original Chicken Cock American Whiskey rose in popularity during the 19th century and was infamously a staple of Prohibition-era speakeasies, including the Cotton Club, where it would be smuggled inside in nondescript tin cans. Chicken Cock disappeared from the market in the 1950’s after the original distillery burned down, but we’ve now brought The Famous Old Brand back, combining 160 years of history with a touch of 21st century.

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Endless Summer Spirits

We craft Endless Summer Silver in a distillery on the beach, blending rum from 3 different stills with coral-filtered water from our spring garden aquifer. We do all that to get the exact flavor we want: crisp, clean and exceptionally smooth. Great in any cocktail. And perfect for any beach.

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